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A collection of creative types keen on making inventive solutions to help brands buzz.

  • Good cider made by nice people.

    Once upon a time, three bearded fellows decided to leave the brewery biz and start their own thing. Their love of beer was only outpaced by their sense of adventure, so they decided to try something completely different. Hops and malt were replaced by apples and yeast, and a cidery was born.

    They reached out to me early on. We conjured up a name, identity, cans and everything else. Now they’re out in the wild and loving it.

  • Flour power.

    When we toured Stuyver’s shiny, new, state-of-the-art bakery two things became obvious: 1. These guys loved their bread and 2. We had to make sure all their potential clients knew it. So we went about re-branding Stuyver’s from top to bottom. With a fresh identity, custom photography and a new website, we lifted their brand to match the quality of their facility and the passion of their character.

  • A new brand takes flight.

    After purchasing the regional airline they had flown on for years, the new owners of San Juan Airlines approached us for a new logo. But after talking with them, it was quickly apparent that they needed more. They needed a new brand. A brand with a cohesive, compelling message that conveyed the character of their business. That meant a new logo, sure, but also new signage, plane decals, clothing, and more.

  • A brand new brand.

    Raven Roofing does big projects. Big commercial roofing projects with big community impact. But their brand felt small. It wasn’t an accurate reflection of who they were and what they did. So we donned hard hats, climbed ladders, walked on roofs, and got to know the industry first hand. Then we sprung into action – flying drones, wrapping trucks, writing copy and pushing pixels. The result was a new brand from top to bottom.

  • Fresh steaks shipped to your door.

    We worked with the owners of a large meat distribution company, known already for their quality, and built a new retail line of branded meats that gets you as close to a butcher shop as possible, from the comfort of your couch. After naming the company we designed the identity, packaging and everything in between.

  • Sous vide, say wha?

    When I first met Sansaire they needed help with packaging for their latest sous vide product. I said “Great. What’s sous vide?” Turns out it stands for under vacuum and is a cooking method that uses a water bath at precise temperature to cook meat (and almost anything else) perfectly. Now I’m a bit addicted to it. Since then, we’ve taken their brand to the next level with a new website, printed materials and most recently an app that sends directions straight to your device.
    Note: Special thanks to Kloop Studio for their help.

  • Alder made easy.

    The Cascade Hardwood Group is one of the largest hardwood companies in North America, focusing mainly on Alder hardwood. Through the use of a cutting edge Grade Selector, detailed videos of the hardwood mills and their workflow, and compelling original content about the individual species they harvest, is now the industry standard. Note: Cascade Hardwood was initially a joint venture with Gravit Digital,who did a spot-on job with the photography, videos, and development.

  • Fans rule.

    When the team at Cricout first approached us to design their cricket app, we didn’t know the first thing about the sport. So, like all our projects, we immersed ourselves in our client’s world. We had long talks with lots of questions, boned up on the sport, and got to know what makes cricket fans tick. The result was an addictive app that let fans not only track the play-by-play for cricket matches worldwide, but also talk some trash, post a photo, pick a side, or do whatever social stuff they want – right within the app.